It’s the bloggish roggish bone.

When I was a kid I had an obsession with making flipbooks. I remember spending hours on them and once they were perfect I would just leave them places for other people to find. I have no idea why I am even remembering this right now, but I thought maybe I could find some online… I don’t know, I really haven’t thought about a flipbook in 15 years!

Holy Shit! These are exactly the style I used to do and everything with the stick men and the shaky hand appearance. Wow this takes me back. My favorite is the diver who gets captured underwater.

…Uh and this person is a badass for droppin this one!

I guess I gotta make one of these sucka’s now.

Double D gave us an assignment many terms ago and I loved it. Dinosaur Comics is one of my favorite strips. It’s in the Mercury here in Portland, and I have read it for years. The assignment was to use the blank Dinosaur Comics strip and create our own strip. I was so friggin’ jazzed for this project, but also to have the empty format forever!… Ha Ha Ha. You can have it too, enjoy.

I recently lost my thumb drive, meaning I don’t have a copy of all the numerous Dino Comics I have made, but if I do find it I’ll post ’em.

What kind of post would it be without some of that ol’ school gangster rap. I was 14 when this album came out and it meant something to me that these fools were from Cleveland… my home state. Instantly takes me right back to summers in Cincinnati, driving around blazin’, being young ass punks.