He’s a big dumb animal folks.

The god damn Internet is out at the house I live in and it has been for a couple days. This is gonna sound terrible, but I have become so dependent on having it, that its taken me until now to remember life without it, sad but true. I’m losing my fucking mind over here, I’m such an asshole! I watched dvds last night like it was 1999 again. Who fucking does that? Watches DVDs, it’s like listening to cassette tapes. Any non digital formatting is dead and/or dying.

I have become so dependent on Internet for entertainment, it’s like I forgot how to read. Forgot how to paint. Forgot how to be a human being. I know most of y’all have been in the same boat and its a hard slap in the face to be crippled and completely lost with no Internet access. What the fuck am I supposed to do?  Should I carve
Pumpkins? Make costumes? Start painting graffiti ? Build a rehab birdhouse for wayward crows? Climb a tree and smoke a joint? Take a wood shop class? Go get arrested? Practice my punch dancing routine?
Yes. YES. Yeeeeeeeeeeees. Si. Oui.
I can do all of those things, but what did I do after class yesterday when I got home? I spent hours… Hours, trying to fix the Internet. I couldn’t let it go, not for a second! I double clicked every fucking option in my LAN settings menu, rewired the phone jack from the wall, spent the whole time on the phone Qwest, I even fucking hard wired the modem to the master phone jack on the outside of the house! And for all my troubles and attempts to get myself back online for fucks sake… I did it. I finally did it. Like fucking David vs Goliath I beat that motherfucker. I’m such a loser. What a sad state I’m in these days. This fucking rain is killing me yo! Fucking killing me.
Do better than me at life, PLEASE.
Here’s some pictures to entertain you. 

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