Purple Drank

I first tasted this amazing beverage at a restaurant in N Portland called ‘Po’ Shines’. It is just a tea made from dried hibiscus flowers and sweetened with simple syrup or agave (I usually use agave nectar), and sometimes sexy-fied with lime juice and a sprig of mint. It’s is generally served cold as a summertime refresca. Very popular in the Southern US and Mexico, it is always in my fridge at home, not just in the summertime but ALL THE TIME. I get my hibiscus at mexican grocery stores, food for less, or on one occasion a specialty tea store (but they are waxin’ for that shit). I call it purple drank…

Easy as fuck, here we go…


1c dried hibiscus flowers

2qts cold water

3qts ice

simple syrup or agave nectar, approx. 1 cup

optional, lime juice, wedges, and sprigs of mint (I omit)


Bring water to steeping temp. in a large pot. roughly 185 degrees F.

dump those fucking flowers in there and stir. Kill the heat. Let steep for 20 minutes.

Strain through a mesh strainer into storage container with the ice.

Serve chilled.


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