Dizamn  y’all.

I been in cincy for a couple days and as I suspected, and I’m sure y’all coulda seen it coming, the food scene sucks. I put it to my brother, Bro Grylls, to dig up some supa fly spots puttin down scratch made flavor town delights. As it is, we ain’t found it… Til last night. This handsome lil son of a bitch that is my brother, who by the way is the coolest kid I know, is a goddamn Segway tour guide in town.

We go and do a bunch of family shit, then Bro Grylls says, ” How do you feel about drinkin a few beers and tearin up downtown on some segway’s”? Uh… Why haven’t we been doing this already. Fast forward, we end up at this hipster joint called Bakersfield, in OTR (Over The Rhine), doing tacos and a dope ass bevy program, totally suited to kill shit.
So dig it, y’all know what it’s like to go out and have dinner if you work in the service  industry , it is IMPOSSIBLE to sit down and simply enjoy a meal and be so overly satisfied and completely in love with a restaurant or club, but Bakersfield has got it goin on. I’m talkin bout white people doin LA style tacos in dumb ass Cincinnati… And slayin it. 11o’clock at night and the house is full.  Turned the restaurant like 4 times already and it’s a Thursday night. Guac and chip starter, 2 Al Pastor, boots of PBR and I have finally, after 31 years, hit pay dirt in Cincinnati. What’s RoboTaco? What’s Cazador? What’s Rico? Doesn’t matter anymore. Peeped the kitchen and not just house made tortillas, but house made tortillas ‘to order’. 1 is the number of gripes that I have. They aren’t doin double tortillas… Wtf. I get the opportunity to speak with one of the partners in this venture and she says, “we decided cincy mufuckas don’t know about double shells so why bother. Food cost right.” I can dig that, but I’m callin BULLSHIT.
Fuck Michelin, fuck stars, I got my own rating system called “The Chubby”. It’s a pass/fail thing. That’s it.
Bakersfield gives me a chubby fo sho. Menu is here. Photos here at Urbanspoon. Check the number of reviews… 90%
…and segway’s are dope as fuck if you been drinkin’. Check em out.

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