No one ever see’s it.

I am a clumbsy ass dumb bastard sometimes. Today especially, I had a case of the dropseys, but the difference today is that I was pulling off the most amazing saves right after I bumblecocked something. The most impressive was a ninth pan full of kosher salt that I pushed off the front of the line at work today. Wouldn’t have been a big, or expensive mess but I matrixed a fucking go go gadget arm after it and like a pro came up with the victory. Not a grain of salt spilled. I know, I know, I’m a fucking star.

And no one was around to see my triumphant reception… I had a drank too many last night and that’s gotta be why my game ain’t so tight. Although I been on one bad like these fools, I wasn’t there last night. Check it out, my favorite is the guy at the 45 second mark… he almost saves it.


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